We love downtown lakeland!

It’s no surprise that Downtown Lakeland has become a destination for food, entertainment, and shopping. With more to do than ever before, people are spending more time Downtown. Whether you head Downtown Lakeland for work, food, nightlife, shopping, or entertainment, there is something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a bite to eat, or ready to let your hair down, Downtown Lakeland has got you covered.

From art, antiques, boutiques, jewelry, and apparel. Downtown Lakeland shopping has never been better.

Downtown Lakeland Events draw thousands of people a month, and we’ve got them all. Check out our Events Calendar powered by iCitySpy.


Check out the companies and people that call Downtown Lakeland home!

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Discover Downtown Lakeland.

Whether it’s an old favorite, or something new. there’s always something to do, Downtown!


A gathering place for all to enjoy, experience, and educate themselves in the arts of craft beer, boutique wine, fine food, and keeping good company.


What makes Nathan’s Men’s Store unique is that it looks like a full-service men’s store should, it smells like a men’s store should, and it acts like a classic, traditional men’s store should.


At Core we don’t just manage your finances, we are your core advisors in all aspects of wealth decisions. We understand that wealth extends beyond investment assets, and we will partner with you to deliver a high-touch financial advisory experience that you can trust.

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Every month, thousands of people head Downtown Lakeland for events. Be it First Friday, the Thursday Squared Food Truck Rally, or one of the great weekly markets, Downtown Lakeland events are fun for the whole family. 

The Downtown Farmers Curb Market is a weekly market held on Saturday’s in downtown Lakeland. The Market has art, woodwork, jewelry, plants, ready to eat foods and more. The number of Vendors varies, but the Market typically has between 50-60 Vendors on any given Saturday.


We are a group of like minded businesses that are invested in the growth and future of Downtown Lakeland Florida. The goal of the DLA is to promote the businesses and events that make downtown Lakeland a destination for tens of thousands of people a week. Whether they head downtown Lakeland for work, food, nightlife, shopping, or entertainment, the Downtown Lakeland Alliance is here to make sure our member businesses are found, and thriving.