5 Tips For Designing The Best Digital Menu For Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

5 Tips For Designing The Best Digital Menu For Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

Choosing the right menu template will communicate your brand better to your customers. It will give your brand a visual identity among people who will check out your menu using their laptops or mobile devices. The digital menu of your Downtown Lakeland restaurants should use colors, structure, and various design elements to boost brand awareness and attract customers to order food.

There are many software programs that offer templates for menus. If you are not particular about hiring a graphic artist to design your restaurant menu, the best way for you to go about this is to use any of the available software that you can download (either for free or for a fee) and choose the template that best describes what your restaurant theme is all about.

Use categories, rows, and columns

Menu content needs to be structured, so it won’t be confusing to the customers. Categories will sort items into groups such as appetizers, meat, seafood, chicken, desserts, and drinks. All your salads should be under the same category, so it won’t confuse the customers looking at the menu. Using columns and rows will structure your content within the categories, making them easier to understand even from afar.

Create a hierarchy of text

Use your fonts to create a hierarchy of text. The largest font should be the headings, followed by the subheadings, and then the items, descriptions, and prices. You can also use text weight (boldness or italics) to emphasize the importance of each text.

Balance the menu

You should use visuals to attract customers more, but make sure there is a proper balance between the text and the images. Don’t use heavy visual on one side of the menu and then, use only text on the other side. This will lessen the opportunity of customers to look at the lighter part of the menu because their eyes will be drawn to the images only. Create a balance by using the same colors, fonts, and design elements across the menu.

Use the right images

Some menus can be visually appealing even without the use of images. Don’t overuse the images and certainly, don’t use images that are not yours. Some restaurants are being criticized for using images that don’t live up to how the food looks once they are served.

Convey your brand

Use elements from your website, your blog, your social media accounts, and even your office and apply them on your menu. The design of the menu should be conceptualized to represent your brand.

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