Where Best To Bring Your Tourist Friends In Downtown Lakeland?

Where Best To Bring Your Tourist Friends In Downtown Lakeland?

When we have friends coming over, we constantly think of activities that they can enjoy in Downtown Lakeland. We want them to have the best time possible here and to go back to their homes with the memories of Lakeland in their hearts. We are that proud of this little town that we go out of our way to make sure that our friends had the most comfortable, exciting, and fun time in Lakeland.

The thing is, there are many activities (extreme, even) in Lakeland. Since there are 16 natural lakes in the city alone, one cannot fall short of what to do here in terms of water activities. Friends who love going to the water can go kayaking or rafting. There are other activities that Lakeland residents are proud of, too. They can go camping in one of those lake parks or they can go bird sighting and even hiking along the trails.

Those who love the outdoors will never miss it in Lakeland because there are plenty of activities that cater to people like them. Those who love staying indoors, too, won’t find it hard to have a grand time in Lakeland, especially in Downtown Lakeland where culture, history, and adventure all combine to make one memorable stay.

If you have friends coming over for the weekend, there’s a nice little weekend market in Downtown Lakeland. Here, you can enjoy some local delicacies, as well as purchase local and handmade product. Not only that, your guests can also listen to some true southern indie bands that perform at the farmers’ market. Fresh produce, yummy pastries, handmade trinkets—what more could you possible ask for?

If shopping is not your thing, there are always great restaurants all around Lakeland and in Downtown Lakeland itself. Whether you want Asian, southern, or European cuisine, Lakeland will have something for you. The city itself boasts of its wide range of culinary experience, particularly its authentic southern fare.

As for cultural experiences, the Polk Museum of Art has you covered. They may also opt for the Southern Florida College. The great architecture of the buildings there speak of the rich history that surrounds Lakeland and Downtown Lakeland, in particular. There, your guests can learn about how this town came to be and the role it played during the industrialization of the United States.

Whether your guests want to experience outdoor activities or stay indoors for some cultural experience, Downtown Lakeland has something great and unique to offer.

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