Best Spots In Downtown Lakeland For Photographers

Downtown Lakeland Florida photography

Best Spots In Downtown Lakeland For Photographers

Are you a budding photographer? Are you looking for quaint cafe places to shoot or a stunning landscape to capture? There’s nothing like Downtown Lakeland Florida photography to create some amazing snaps. It’s a haven for amateur and professional photographers since there is a lot to see and capture in this town.

Check out some of the amazing places and events that you can shoot in Downtown Lakeland:

Hollis Garden

This botanical garden features neoclassical architecture, so it’s perfect for those who want to capture some classic garden snaps. Since it is located at the south bank of Lake Mirror, taking photos of Hollis Garden means you also have an amazing backdrop of the lake. It is also adjacent to the Barnett Family Park, another photographer’s dream if you want to capture the beauty of children running around in a brightly colored playground and splash wet area.

Frances Langford Promenade

Aside from taking photos of the promenade surrounding the Lake Mirror, which is probably Downtown Lakeland’s most prominent spot for tourists, you can also enjoy taking snaps of the activities happening at the Promenade. And there’s a lot you can see–concerts, movies at the amphitheater, Mayfaire-by-the-Lake, Child of the Sun Urban Triathlon, and the Lake Mirror Car Classic.

Florida Southern College

Housing the Frank Lloyd Wright architecture collection guarantees you a spot on the best sites for Downtown Lakeland Florida photography. But the college is not only known for the Wright collection. It also has stunning architecture of its own to be proud of, so make sure you take some snaps of the college’s buildings.

Munn Park

You cannot go to Downtown Lakeland and not take a picture of Munn Park. It is known vastly as the heart of downtown. It’s a beautifully landscaped park with lots of lush greens, shade trees and a fountain. There’s also a monument at the center of the park for those who died in the Civil War. Popular events happening in the park are the Brewz Crewz Craft Beer Festival, Spring Obsession, the Thursday Squared food truck rallies, and First Friday events.

Downtown Farmers Curb Market

Farmers’ markets in Downtown Lakeland are always pulsing with life and a sense of community. If you want to see what Downtown Lakeland really is, visit during one of its farmer’s market events. You’ll have a sense of what it feels to be a Lakeland resident. Do not forget to take photos of the yummy treats during a market fair.

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