There are treasures to be found with Downtown Lakeland Shopping.

Downtown Lakeland has blossomed over the years and is starting to become a destination for shopping. There has been a steady increase of locations to shop while downtown, and we’re excited to watch new places open all the time. Local businesses have really started to see the benefit of being located downtown. With the increased foot traffic during the day from the larger companies and banks located downtown, to the lunch and dinner foot traffic that fills the sidewalks, there is a huge benefit to open new and additional locations downtown Lakeland.

Featured Shops

Hampden Clothing

Recognized by Vogue and Marie Claire magazines as one of the top boutiques in the country, we stock over 50 of the world’s best designers. Find our entire selection online.

Croghan’s Jewel Box

A menagerie of designer & estate jewelry, beautiful antique silver & unusual gifts. Specializing in exquisite ideas for events. For over 100 years the place that locals shop.

Corrigan Gallery, LLC

Corrigan Gallery – local, contemporary fine art of museum quality. All budgets for discerning collectors. Charleston Renaissance works available. 28 years of experience.

Everybody has a different agenda when they go out to Downtown Lakeland Shopping. Some are looking for antiques and knick-knacks. Some are looking for items for their homes, and some are looking for a great new outfit. No matter what you’re searching for, you’re sure to find something new, exciting, and unique.


While Lakeland may not have the offerings of some of the larger downtown areas in Central Florida, there is a quaintness and charm that is uniquely Lakeland. You can guarantee you’ll have a great time downtown Lakeland shopping. Grab yourself a great cup of coffee, pop in for a snack at one of our great eateries, and get out there and do some shopping.


You’ll be surprised as you make your way downtown, that there are hidden gems that you may have never seen. We highly recommend you park your car, and walk around. There is so much to see and do. With all the Downtown Lakeland Shopping available now, you’ll find something that just might surprise and excite you.


As always, be sure to share you pictures, stories, and experiences. We love to hear about the treasures you find and the adventures you have. Get out there and experience Downtown Lakeland.