An Instagram-Worthy Interior For Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

An Instagram-Worthy Interior For Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

Instagram is at the center of the food and beverage game. Food, beverages, and Downtown Lakeland restaurants interiors are designed with Instagram in mind. If you want to be featured on the ‘Gram, you better have an interior that is worth these millennials’ feeds.

Some of the recent examples of Instagrammable food are the unicorn food, the galaxy donut, the glitter coffee, and the loaded milkshake. We are not exactly sure if these are delicious takings on food, but we’re sure they are Instagram-worthy.

But more than the food and its plating, restaurateurs must also turn their physical spaces into something the millennials would love to visit. They are now commissioning neon signs, wall murals, and embedded floor tiles in the hopes that the millennial generation would come barging in and feature these restaurants on their Instagram feed.

Older generations previously designed their restaurants with the intention of attracting customers to try their food and remain loyal consumers there. But now, the primary goal is for this generation to promote these restaurants on their Instagram accounts. Restaurateurs want the millennials to take loads of photos and entice their network to come and check out the restaurants themselves.

What better way to promote your business than to let your customers speak? Ever heard about testimonials? You know those advertising videos we watch at the dead of the night when Netflix was a mere concept? Those are testimonial videos. We listen to actual customers speak about the features of the product and how it made doing their daily chores easier. That’s precisely what this generation can do for your business through Instagram. They have become the spokespeople and the best representation of your brand.

If your restaurant appeared on many of these accounts, especially when an influencer (people on Instagram with millions of followers) decided your restaurant is worthy to check out, people will come in droves. Even the older generation loves checking out the places that the millennials have been recommending.

The baby boomers have Instagram, too. And although they don’t necessarily take the right photos with the right angle and the right lighting, they do want to be a part of this craze and explosion. They will upload a half-hearted attempt at an amazing shot and somehow, it will still be okay because these millennials are so imaginative, they will realize that your restaurant is worth checking out even with the bad pose of their auntie or uncle.

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