Who Do You Invite To Your Downtown Lakeland Business Events?

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Who Do You Invite To Your Downtown Lakeland Business Events?

Have you tried managing a Downtown Lakeland business event? How did you do? Was it successful? Do you think the people had fun there? Business events are a little trickier compared to personal events because here, there’s profit that has to be considered. You just can’t invite anyone you wish or you think you should because the people here should matter to the business.

If you have nothing to offer to the company, why would you be invited? Here are some tips you can apply:

Business partners and shareholders

This isn’t really a genius tip. You should invite your business partners and shareholders. You should invite their wives, too. It’s important that your business maintains a good relationship with the people who invested in it even before it became successful. Show your appreciation by inviting them before anyone else.

Company employees

Should you invite everyone—from top to bottom? Ideally, the answer is yes. That shows that you are one happy family in your company, especially if you are running a small business. However, this really depends on what kind of business event are you having. If it’s highly technical, meaning there are speakers and experts involved, you may want to skip inviting everyone and just invite those that could learn from the speeches and lectures.


Why not? The problem with other businesses is that they refuse to be friends with their competitors. When you have a business event, you can actually invite your competitors, so that you can exchange knowledge and ideas on a range of issues in the industry and even in each other’s companies. This is also a great way to show your employees that you are professional and that you are reaching out even to competitors to improve your company.


The media are the last one you should forget to invite. You have to send the invitations earlier to them because they may have a scheduled event on the day of your business party. Make sure to follow up on them if they are going to attend because their presence there will be a big boost to your business event.

Other personalities

We hate to say this, but important personalities in the industry and the society should be invited simply because they have the money and the power to influence business decisions or to invest in your business. You should invite them and make sure they feel welcome, so you can tap their resources in the future.

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