Picking The Perfect Spot In Downtown Lakeland To Propose

Downtown Lakeland Florida

Picking The Perfect Spot In Downtown Lakeland To Propose

When a man is about to propose to her girl, what’s the first thing that pops into his mind? The ring? Yes. Whether she’ll say yes? They probably talked about that already. How he’s going to do it? Yes. Where to do it? A big yes. Downtown Lakeland is picturesque enough without anyone proposing by its natural lakes. But if there is ever someone who’ll kneel down for the promise of forever, this town is the perfect place for it.

Here are some tips on how you can pick out the perfect spot for that perfect moment:

List down her favorite places

What’s her absolutely favorite place in Downtown Lakeland? Where does she go whenever she feels down or when she wants to relax? Has she mentioned a particular “secret” place in Lakeland where she feels the most at peace in? If you know your girl well, you also know where she would want that perfect moment to happen. Make a list of all the places she likes going to, and think how to make the “one” more perfect than it already is.

Check if a “grand” proposal is allowed

If her favorite place is something private, you may have a hard time using it for that “grand” proposal you have in mind. Remember that you have to invite at least a photographer or a videographer to catch that special moment, so make sure that the place actually allows you to do that. Don’t worry, most places will never snub a romantic gesture such as a proposal, so you’re in a pretty good place.

Order food and wine

To commemorate the event, you’ve got to have food and wine for the toast. You may have a stunning ring in your pocket and the place may be decked in flowers and twinkling lights but after the proposal, what do you plan to do? Food is the best thing to celebrate a proposal with. Make sure to ask her favorite restaurant to prepare something special and deliver it to the place where the proposal will happen.

Recheck the place

Don’t settle for how you imagined this place to look before. You have to make sure that this Downtown Lakeland gem is still exactly the way you see it in your head. Go there to check the place out and make sure it’s the perfect one for that special moment. Before “the day,” you have to visit it, too, for some final touchups. Or better yet, since you’re probably full of nerves, go ask a friend to check it out for you.

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