How To Plan A Simple Wedding In Downtown Lakeland

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How To Plan A Simple Wedding In Downtown Lakeland

Because this is the age of social media when people judge people based on what they post and where they go and what they own, it can be easy to be pressured to hold or host a grand wedding in Downtown Lakeland. However, practicality dictates that you have to be wise when it comes to starting a new life with your partner. As a new couple, there are many things you have to spend on, and your wedding is only a start of that new life.

Here are the tips for a simple wedding in Downtown Lakeland:

Don’t bloat your guest list

The main reason why weddings can be so expensive is not because of the venue or the food or the music or the photographers. The main reason why they cost so much is because the couple decided to invite the whole town to their wedding. Don’t do that if you want to have a simple and inexpensive one. Instead, cut down your guest list to who should be there and who will be happy to see you and your future partner tie the knot.

Ask for help instead of gifts

Chances are you have very specific furniture and home decors in mind. You cannot expect guests to follow the wedding gift registry, so instead of signing up for one, why don’t you just ask your family and friends to help you with a couple of DIY things—the invitations, the party favors, the personalized items, etc.

Hold the ceremony in your backyard

Venues can be really expensive when it comes to wedding. If you cannot afford to rent a small space in a public park, which is really picturesque, you can opt to have the reception at your house’s backyard. You can turn your garden into a dream reception venue just by putting up lights and other party items.

Do the catering yourself

Not a cook? No worries. You can ask your friends to cook their specialty dishes for you. That can either be their gifts or you can pay them for their services, though do ask for a discount. If that is not possible, you can also check out with some family-owned restaurants. They tend to be cheaper than regular caterers.

Don’t use too much flowers 

Flowers can be really expensive, especially if you are very specific with them. Why don’t you just use what’s already in the garden or in the park or in the venue? Or, you can also opt for in-season flowers and ferns, so you don’t have to spend much in your Downtown Lakeland wedding.

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