Securing Your Downtown Lakeland Shopping Business Website

Securing Your Downtown Lakeland Shopping Business Website

If you are running an e-commerce website that deals with Downtown Lakeland shopping, you should also know the importance of making sure the site is secured and the information from your customers are not going to be hacked into. The security of your website is one of the things that your customers will be looking into when visiting your site. And you should know that web visitors are very much in tune with how secure the sites they visit are. They are informed about the possibilities of hacking and phishing and they know what it means if their information is compromised.

Use PayPal for the payment method

Instead of always having to ask for credit card information, you can put paying through PayPal as one of your payment options. Many online consumers have accounts with PayPal and they love using the platform to pay for their purchases because it is safe and because all their transactions will be saved in one platform.

Secure your admin area

The simplest and cheapest way to improve your website’s security is to secure your admin area. Most web platforms have their default admin areas, but if you can improve this part of the website then you will also improve the security of your e-commerce platform. There’s one thing you can do and that’s to change the username and password into something that’s hack-free. You can also restrict the people who have access to your admin area through a list of known IP addresses.

Switch to HTTPS

Until recently, using secure HTTPS hosting with an SSL Certificate was generally reserved for the payment area of your e-commerce site. But website owners must shift to securing their entire websites. Customers are now looking for the HTTPS symbol on the address bar as soon as they open the website. You can purchase an SSL Certificate either from your hosting company or from a reputable SSL vendor.

Backup your data regularly

Although you have put tools to make sure that your website is secured, some hackers are just too good and that means that when your website is hacked, all the data and information there will be lost, too. Imagine waking up to a non-existent site. Data loss can also happen because of a hardware failure or a simple human error. Make sure that the data is backed up regularly so it would be easy for you to relaunch or redo your website because the information is available.

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