Starting A Holiday Business In Downtown Lakeland

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Starting A Holiday Business In Downtown Lakeland

Since the holiday season, the busiest and the most profitable time of the year, is upon us, it’s best to think of ways how we can maximize this for the business. In a year, there are very specific number of days that our businesses will prosper. For most business, especially if you’re in the food business, the most profitable months is from October to December. Thanks to the holiday season, businesses in Downtown Lakeland thrive during these months.

It’s already November now, which means we must begin or should have begun selling items that are related to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. What are these? We can sell Christmas lights and Christmas decorations, fireworks, and Thanksgiving food like turkey, pastries, etc. But that’s not all. Since people are essentially looking for items to give as gifts, this is also the perfect opportunity to sell gift packages and other items that can be given as gifts.

Here are some business ideas this holiday season:

Gift baskets

Whether food or toiletries or some other things, gift baskets are the most popular Christmas gifts. Most companies give these as “bonuses” to their employees, so you may want to partner with local businesses, so you can have orders in bulk. Can you give discounts? Absolutely. If customers are buying in bulk, you can offer a certain discount as a way of showing your gratitude. And also, it will show your customers that your value their patronage.

Christmas hams

Oh yes, who wouldn’t love Christmas hams? It’s an expensive gift to give, but people love receiving anything food related during Christmas. Instead of them having to shell out hundreds of dollars for the hams, they would love to receive a pound or two as gifts. They can serve this during their Christmas dinner and it will surely be the star of the night. If you know someone who can supply you with Christmas hams, then go and partner with him/her and start selling these hams.


This is the easiest and most practical gift to give. Why? Basically, everyone loves pastries and sweets. During the holiday season especially, pastries are often served to guests and even during family dinners. Most bakeries and cafes also make sure to design their cakes for the season, making these the perfect Christmas gift.

There are loads of opportunities in Downtown Lakeland and even in social media to sell holiday items, so why not make the best out of it?

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