Taking Photos of Your Products For Your Online Downtown Lakeland Shopping Business

Taking Photos of Your Products For Your Online Downtown Lakeland Shopping Business

When it comes to selling products online, there are a few things more important than taking great photos. You could sell a substandard product to many customers as long as the photos look good. But don’t do that, of course. The point is, your online Downtown Lakeland shopping business can be successful through the use of photos. If you can let customers see how they are going to enjoy your products, they might be more thrilled to purchase them from your shop.

Spend a little more time creating the best visual representations of your products and your brand. If you do not care how your products will look like on screen, your customers won’t care at all about purchasing them, too.

Light, light, light

Forget fancy cameras. You can create stunning visuals using only your smartphones. It does not have to be the latest smartphone, too. As long as it has good picture quality, you can take stunning photos even without accessories such as lights, etc.

Always shoot in daylight unless you have access to a professional studio or to a portable lightbox studio. You can shoot your products near a window where the sun streams in or use your doorway to create a temporary stream of light. If you don’t have access to natural light, you can use a LED lamp and diffuse its light with a baking paper.

You also have to use a nice clean background for your photoshoot. A white wall will do fine, as well as a nice furry carpet where you can lay your products and do a flat lay shot. Do not use a shiny background or a reflector. Also, make sure that your old socks or your towel are not in the background of what you are selling.

Filters and post-editing

Some people just love using filters when posting their images. Filters make the photos look unnatural and they end up confusing customers about the real color of the products. They may make you look nicer, but they are certainly not helpful when it comes to selling items. If you have a pretty good shot of the items, don’t use filters anymore.


Using a flash can make the colors look wash out. Use the flash as a last resort and take into consideration all the tips we have provided about using natural light. If there is no access to natural light or even to a LED lamp, then you can use the flash.

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