Things You Can Do In Downtown Lakeland This Summer

Downtown Lakeland weekend

Things You Can Do In Downtown Lakeland This Summer

Now that the summer season has officially set in, everyone is excited to do something fun under the sun. In Downtown Lakeland and Lakeland in general, there are plenty of activities families and friends can enjoy. There’s the usual sporting activities and hanging out with friends at the mall, but aside from all of these, what makes this town unique?

Downtown Lakeland is a town where a strong college community is thriving. When it’s the summer break, the town is relatively quiet because the students are off somewhere having fun—whether it’s Tampa or Miami or Orlando, who knows? But people (read that as students) who choose to stay in Downtown Lakeland always have the craziest stories to tell.

Here are some of the adventures you can enjoy during the summer season in Downtown Lakeland:

Swimming in the natural lakes

Lakeland isn’t called Lakeland for nothing. There are over a dozen natural lakes in Lakeland, and all of these will offer something unique for Lakeland residents or tourists. You can go kayaking or rafting on these lakes. You can even camp nearby a certain lake to be one with nature. There are other things you can do—bird watching, hiking along the trail, running, and many more. There’s nothing like enjoying Lakeland’s natural environment during the summer.

Taking up a new activity

Do you want to learn something new? Maybe take on a new hobby? The summer season is the best time to learn something you’ve been wanting to—you can enroll in a cooking class or a karate class or be a yogini. There are a million reasons to love the summer season, but none more than the opportunity it presents to you. As a student, with school out, you’ll have all the time to spend on activities.

Catching a movie

Summer’s a great time to stay indoors, too. If you’re not too fond of getting those tan lines or if you’re simply allergic to the sun, then go hang out at the malls and catch a movie with your friends. During the school year, you may be too busy to catch a movie in the cinema. The summer break is your chance to catch up on your movie list.

Attend local events

There’s always something going on in Downtown Lakeland. Whether it’s the weekend market, a music festival, or a food exposition, the city will keep you on your toes. You will never want for anything more when you spend your summer in Lakeland.

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