3 Things To Do In Downtown Lakeland This Holiday Season

Downtown Lakeland Florida

3 Things To Do In Downtown Lakeland This Holiday Season

This holiday season, get ready to enjoy a host of fun activities in Downtown Lakeland Florida. While the city is always an enjoyable vacation spot all-year-round, holidays is a special one for Lakeland residents.

The air is cool enough, but never bitingly chilly. The restaurants are serving eggnog-based desserts and drinks. The shops are on sale. Everywhere you go, the spirit of Christmas seems to be creeping into every corner.

But what kind of activities can you enjoy in the town? Here is a rundown of the most holiday-ish things you can do while in Downtown Lakeland Florida:


The Christmas season is all about food. Whether you’re on a diet or a self-forgiven holiday binge, you certainly cannot walk away from the temptation of those stuffed turkeys and eggnog cupcakes. After all, isn’t the holiday all about enjoying a good dinner with your loved ones? In Downtown Lakeland, you can enjoy a host of dining options such as Harry’s Seafood Bar and Grille, Molly’s Irish Pub, Bay Street Bistro, The Chop Shop, etc. You can even sip a hot cocoa or coffee in one the quaint little cafes that line up the street. There’s even a hidden gem in Munn Park that will let you people watch in solitude as you munch on a plate of incredible brunch spread.


Aside from the lovely display windows you can see on Lakeland boutiques, you will also be wowed by the selection of premium food in the weekend market. There, you can find great artisinal jams, breads, chips, pastries, etc. You will also get to check out great art pieces by local artists in Lakeland. And if you’re into home decor, there are paintings, trinkets, and other home accessories you can buy there. What’s great about the weekend market is that you’ll not only find delicious food and gorgeous decors, but you’ll also be supporting local artists in Lakeland. And if you’re lucky enough, you can catch a group of local musicians to serenade you.


There’s the Explorations V Children’s Museum and the Polk Museum of Art. Whether you want something kid friendly or a place where the culture buffs can hang around, Downtown Lakeland Florida will have something to offer. Most days, especially in December, they have even special exhibits for young and adult alike. Artists from all over the country sometimes troop to Florida Southern College to catch a glimpse of very unique shows.

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