Ways That Running Improve Your Health

Downtown Lakeland parks

Ways That Running Improve Your Health

If there is one place where running looks like a tourist attraction, it is in Downtown Lakeland. Can you imagine taking a run around Lake Mirror? Wouldn’t that be the perfect backdrop? These Downtown Lakeland parks sure do know how to make everything picturesque–even if it’s just a quick run around the lake.

Running makes you happier

When you are angry or frustrated, don’t you feel like running? Have you literally run away from something and then came back feeling okay all of a sudden? This is because our bodies release a hormone called endocannabinoids when we run. It’s a “runner’s high,” and it makes even the depressed feel better about themselves. In fact, studies showed that even a short run on the treadmill can make you feel better.

Running helps you get fit

Running helps you burn calories. Especially this time of the year when there are Christmas parties everywhere, it is important that you exercise and workout. In fact, your body continues to burn calories even after you have stopped running. That is how effective this is when it comes to getting fit. Remember though, you have to be a little faster than a sprint if you want the “afterburn” effect.

Running will keep you from being senile

As we grow old, our mental health tends to deteriorate that we forget about things like where we put the car keys and when is someone else’s birthday. It has been scientifically proven that running keeps people sharp. It defeats age-related mental problems such as selective attention, task switching, and working memory.

Studies showed that fitter adults get better test results when their mental health is tested. Some even score better than younger people who are unfit and have an unhealthy lifestyle. Running improves the brain, specifically these areas: attention, planning, concentration, and organizing.

Running improves your wellbeing

When you run and when you feel happy, it increases the chances of you feeling positive most days. It improves your wellbeing and how you view life and even the challenges thrown at you. Because of this, you are less stressed, and this adds years to your life. Smokers can get an extra 4.1 years when they run and nonsmokers add three years to their lives if they run in Downtown Lakeland parks. Those with heart disease can enjoy an extra 4.3 years if they exercise regularly. Running is even recommended for cancer survivors because this can extend their lives by as much as 5 years.

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