Why Weekend Markets Are The Best

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Why Weekend Markets Are The Best

Can anything make morning weekends better than weekend markets? The weekend market is one of the most fun and enjoyable Downtown Lakeland events we have experienced. Everything just looks and feels perfect when you’re about to go to a weekend market in Downtown Lakeland.

There are a lot of reasons why people love going to these things. The food, the music, the people—these are not enough reasons. It’s more of how weekends should feel like. We are so used to spending the weekends in bed or working that we forget how Saturdays and Sundays should really be like. Weekend markets give us that feeling again—it’s when everything is fresh and like there’s nothing bad in the world (though we know there are plenty of things that should rile us).

The local produce is one of the best things about weekend markets. Rarely can we buy these so easily because they are usually catered off to some big restaurant in Orlando or Miami. But during weekend market days, we have the chance to bite off an organic apple or buy some fresh and locally grown strawberries. This farm-to-table concept is really one of the best things that came out of weekend markets.

But locally produced food is not what makes weekend markets better than any other Downtown Lakeland events in the city. It’s actually the fact that food from all over the world is brought in and sold here. Do you want some Asian spring rolls? They got them. How about really authentic Parmesan cheese from Italy? Sounds delish, right? Weekend markets practically have everything you cannot find in the local grocery store during normal days.

This makes weekends better because you can watch out for what the markets have in store for you. Rarely can we see the same produce every weekend because there is always something new waiting for you in weekend markets. Food, crafts, home décor… name it and they have it.

How about some music? Yes, weekend markets are not just for the food. They are also for the good old local music. This event gives young artists and up and coming local bands perform for the community. Most of these are college students who are trying to find their passion. Give them a chance to be heard. You’ll enjoy good music and incredible food. This is probably the best way to spend a weekend with your friends and family

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