Working In Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

Working In Downtown Lakeland Restaurants

If the retail industry is hell for its workers, it might have nothing compared to working in Downtown Lakeland restaurants where workers do not only have to deal with hellish pressure from peers and authorities, but they would literally have to spend all their time in the kitchen where they deal with “heat” and on the floor where they deal with demanding customers. It takes a lot for someone to survive in this industry, so how do you know you’re ready to work in a restaurant setting?

Sacrifice and commitment

To say that working in the restaurant industry demands sacrifices and a tremendous commitment is an understatement. You don’t only have to sacrifice your personal time, but you would also pour in all your energy into working in a restaurant. You’ll finish each day exhausted and out of breath; almost like you’ve run a marathon every single day. You think you’re in good shape?

Try running a busy kitchen for a night and you’ll know whether you’re actually in the best shape of your life. You’re constantly checking the clock, running after dishes and making sure they are okay for serving, and slicing, julienning, dicing, and sautéing.

Time management

Speaking of sacrificing your personal time, it does not mean that you won’t have personal errands anymore. Just because you don’t have the time for it doesn’t mean that your personal errands would magically be solved.

No, you would have to manage your time well. That means doing your errands when your work allows you to and that means not resting immediately when there’s a personal issue you have to attend to. If you have just finished your morning shift, you won’t be really off work because you have to finish some of your personal duties.

Enormous pressure

The enormous pressure comes from having to be at your best all the time. You’re dealing with food here, after all, which is the single biggest industry in the world. You have to serve the best dish you can come up with and you have to do this while also managing the enormous pressure that comes from managing a kitchen and the people who work there.

The restaurant management would also be breathing down on your neck—making sure that you are managing the business side of things well and that the finances are all in order. If you can’t do this while running the kitchen, then you would be deemed as unfit for the job—a job that has taken most of your time the past years. If that isn’t pressure, we don’t know what is.

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